Jacket Pride

How does Jacket Pride work at CPES?

Jacket Pride is our school-wide discipline/reward system. Students can earn up to 5 pride points a day. Each teacher will have a daily, weekly, or monthly reward for their classes. The school will have a Jacket Pride Reward Party each 9 weeks. There are 3 tiers. Tier 1 is the best tier meaning you have earned the most Jacket Pride Points. Tier 2 is the middle tier where you have a lot of Jacket Pride Points, but not enough for tier 1. Tier 3 is the bottom tier where you might not have a lot of Jacket Pride Points, but there is always room to improve! Each tier has their own kind of reward. 

How can you earn Jacket Pride points?

You can earn Jacket Pride points by being prepared, respectful, independent, dedicated, and encouraging! In fact, PRIDE stands for Prepared, Respectful, Independent, Dedicated, and Encouraging! You can earn Jacket Pride Points not only in your classroom, but in related arts, other classes, RTI, in the cafeteria, on the bus, etc.

How does Jacket Pride work in Miss Z's Class? 
Students will have a punch card/sticker/color chart. Depending on behavior they may lose pride points throughout the day. If they lose 2, then they will get 3 punches/colors/stickers, etc. 

What else is there to know about Jacket Pride?
Each month, homeroom teachers choose a student in their class that has shown Jacket Pride. A faculty/staff member is also chosen by the administration. Also, at times we have a guest speaker that comes and talks to the students about their career choice and they focus on one of the components of Jacket Pride. This ties in our STEM focus as well. 

Remember to ALWAYS show Jacket Pride wherever you go!!!!!


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